The priority of REGNUM in all projects is to provide the employees and the working environments with health, safety and also security, and increase quality and productivity without harming the environment.

What are our main policies?

  • To use natural and energy resources economically and effectively,
  • To comply with local and international laws, regulations and standards in the activities conducted
  • To make the audits frequently in order to increase the SEC-G performance, and to apply necessary corrective and preventive activities in accordance with the data to be acquired as a result of the audits,
  • To prepare reports on all events and accidents, which include insecure situations, insecure behaviors and accidents with little or no harm, in order to prevent such events and accidents and to develop our performance, and to derive lessons from mistakes,
  • To attach importance to the selection of services with the highest product quality and the safest materials in addition to the sense of quality engineering,
  • To keep the SEC-G management system alive, and to contribute to the continuous development of the system,
  • To create an environment where all REGNUM employees adopt the above aims.

What are our priorities?

  • To eliminate accidents, carry out safe projects, and reduce environmental exposure.

Our Sensitivity:Human and Nature!